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Fitness Fails, Cooking Cookies & Life Lessons

I’m becoming quite notorious for being ill and getting admitted to hospitals. Not something I’m particularly proud of, I must say, but an achievement nonetheless.

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The Return of Soggy Bottoms!

IT’S BACK! The anticipation is over and the excitement has begun, as weekly instalments of amateurs attempting to create perfect bakes while trying to avoid that Paul Hollywood stare returns for our TV viewing pleasure. All social events occurring on a Wednesday evening for the next 11 weeks will now be rescheduled. Cue the inevitable distastes, Mel and Sue’s sarcastic-filled witty puns and Marry Berry’s sexual innuendoes, it’s series 6 of the Great British Bake Off.
Ready, set, BAKE!

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Raw Vegan Protein Balls


Last weekend I went to a friends for Sunday dinner; knowing I’m a fitness freak he decided to make me a healthy cheesecake. It was made with raw vegan ingredients and tasted so different to anything I’ve eaten before. It’s safe to say it was an aquired taste, but I finished it feeling satisfied I’d had dessert and happy I hadn’t consumed my weight in apple pie and custard.

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Bank Holiday Baking

It’s been a while since I’ve baked. I’ve been focusing on holidays and fitness so much that I haven’t had the time to set aside a few hours to do what I love. A few people have requested some ‘healthy’ bakes which are lower in fat and a bit more guilt-free. Bank holiday Monday seemed the perfect chance to do some experimenting and here’s what I came up with!

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Easter Day & Hot Cross Buns


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Millionaire Shortbread & Travel Envy

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Birthday Bakes

They say no good deed is selfless, and giving presents is no exception. That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you make someone smile because you’ve put thought and effort into a present is second to none and I absolutely LOVE it!

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Weekend Baking

This weekend was busy busy busy. late nights & early mornings are all fun & games until you sleep for 12 hours straight and need another day to recover. Luckily, I had Monday off of work to catch up on things I should have done over the weekend; mainly boring things like cleaning and washing.


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Red Nose Day 2015!

A little late… but this year’s red nose day was filled with a lot of baking. Having watched the Great Comic Relief Bake Off for the month in the build up to the day, I was hugely inspired to bake my own cake & sold slices at work for money to donate to the charity.

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