I’m becoming quite notorious for being ill and getting admitted to hospitals. Not something I’m particularly proud of, I must say, but an achievement nonetheless.

Upon returning from NYC at the beginning of January, I was SO excited to get stuck into the work and fitness journey I knew would be consuming my life – in the best possible way – for the next 6 or so months. I was starting 2 huge projects at work, and I was determined to get my body back to looking it’s best (circa Kefalonia, September 2015)… and then my immune system decided:

While away in New York celebrating the beginning of 2017 – well, more so the end of 2016 like the rest of the population – I remember standing at the top of the Rockefeller Centre painfully inflamed sinuses. I quickly remembered I was in one of the greatest cities in the world, and whining about a cold wasn’t going to do me, or my two friends, any favours.

I catapulted myself head first into work, travelling (for work) and my fitness pretty much straight away. Mistake numbero uno. I decided, along with millions of girls, and the famous Kayla Itsines herself, to join the start of the 12 week long BBG journey. For those that don’t know (I’ve mentioned this so many times before but you read my first 12 week review HUR) Kayla brought out 2 bikini body guides, each 3 months long, designed to make you the healthiest feeling, AND looking, you’ve ever been. So I started.

I was on a project management course the second week but still kept up with the workouts.

So, week 3, things took a turn.


I’m kidding, my life is not that dramatic.
Round tips to Leicester and Ireland meant failing to keep up with the BBG plan miserably. That weekend, I was taken in to hospital after throwing up every ounce of food and water I had in me, and then just blood, for around 11 hours. I came out after 4 days (that felt like weeks) with a diagnosis of: a ‘bug’. ‘Something’ I had eaten, or a ‘virus I had caught’, had messed with my stomach so much I was unable to eat for 3 days. Needless to say, I came out of hospital feeling like crap and rested at home for a week.

The following week I was in Leicester for 4 days (that felt like weeks) and felt well enough to go to the gym. I kept my workout (if you can call it that) very light with a gentle bike ride, some uphill walking and a few body weight exercises. I was in no way, shape, or form, to be completing BBG exercises so have put that to the side for now, hoping to pick it up again soon.

Returning home, I felt well and healthy for a total of 6 WHOLE DAYS before a cough set in. 5 days later my GP told me I had a chest infection and told to rest up.


Seeing as I have been banned from the gym (by my mother) for the time being, I decided to dabble in another love of mine: baking.

I actually bought the ingredients for these cookies a while back but never got round to making them. So I put Adele’s ’25’ album on full blast in the kitchen and made these delicious Sainsburys pistachio and cranberry cookies:

These received glowing reviews and were so quick and easy to make!

It made my Saturday afternoon and really reminded me of the weekends I would spend hours making and decorating all kinds of cakes. Unfortunately, my time (and waistline) are running under much more of a tight ship nowadays and baking has taken an unwelcomed back seat.

We’re a nearly 3 months into this year, already, and I am quickly realising that things are not always going to go the way you planned. And that is TOTALLY okay, even for a organisational perfectionist like myself. I see so many people my age stressing that they haven’t met their goal of having those 6 pack abs they swore to themselves they’d have by now, or that they’re still single despite the idealistic engagement they had planned to be in 3 years deep by now. If anything, I’m glad my life hasn’t gone exactly the way I have planned; I would be in a completely different job, surrounded by completely different people and I probably wouldn’t have liked either. As long as you’re happy and healthy, just enjoy the memories you’re creating.

As cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason, and you should always be thankful for that as your life may take a turn in a completely alternatively direction, towards the thing(s) you may not have realised that you truly wanted all along.

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