They’re springing up all over the place; indoor trampoline parks are all the rage amongst children and fitness fanatics alike. As an early birthday activity, I was taken to Gravity Force Trampoline Park and it was flipping amazing!

I went to the St Albans Indoor Park of Gratification (as it should be renamed) with my good friend George. For those of you that don’t know George, he often helps me with blog ideas, editorial work and generally makes that bit more enjoyable.

I’ve heard, and seen, all about these industrial sized spaces filled with different types of trampolines, and that they are more or less the same. They vary slightly in the different types of activities you can do but the concept and layout are the same. Health and safety rules apply, obviously, along with having to wear grippy socks and I’m pretty sure that, by law, you must have ALL OF THE FUN.

Challenge accepted.

I anticipated a lot of fun, but I definitely underestimated how much I was going to sweat; my cardio levels have reached new heights.

I woke up the next day really achy across the top of my back and my shoulders too; who knew jumping up and down for an hour would be such great exercise!

I think this is why so many fitness freaks are getting on board with this craze; it definitely beats running on a treadmill in the gym and can be done in groups with all of your friends.

Just when you thinking the jumping is the hard part, getting out of the foam pits was even harder – that stuff is like quick sand. You spent just as much time pulling up your socks as you do trying to pull yourself out!

It was really quiet when we went; at 8pm on a Thursday evening we weren’t expecting it to be packed, but the last session of the day had around 10 people.

We had more or less free reign of all the different types of trampolines. There was a trampolining exercise class going on at the time and while I’ve no doubt it’s a fantastic workout, I’m sure it was the instructors aim to make them all look as ridiculous as possible, and she did just that excellently! (I’ll draw your eyes to the far left on that photo…)

I’m trying to organise an evening at a similar park with the group I’ve signed up to Tough Mudder with, and even maybe one with my family, so I hopefully won’t have to wait too long before experiencing all of the jumping and flipping fun again.

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