When the words “if that work phone comes out while we’re in Brighton I’m going to take it off you & throw it in the sea!” are said to you before a weekend away, you’ve got to question how much you’re working.

A big project at work has seen me travel around the UK & stay in more hotels in the space of 6 weeks than I have done all year. While the novelty of eating company paid for pizza in bed, while watching endless episodes of Power on Netflix, wore off pretty quickly, the exhaustion and stress of working 13 hour days doesn’t diminish quite as fast as one would hope. So how did I decide to relax, unwind and combat the traveling and overnight stays? By driving for 2 hours and staying in a hotel.
[My great ideas can be offered out for a small fee, please contact me for more information]

An idea of mine that was genuinely good, was to buy another camera; I wanted a smaller camera as my Nikon DS3000 is becoming increasingly more annoying to carry around due to it’s bulky size. With my trip to New York in mind, I opted for the very stylish and compact Olympus Pen EPL-7. After much deliberation, and A LOT of time on camera geek websites, I chose this little piece of beauty over the Canon M3 as it is, put simply, better. All reviews said so, and after consulting a camera savvy work colleague, he also agreed. So what better way to properly test out my new piece of kit than an autumnal weekend away in a city that I’ve wanted to visit for a while?

Some of these shots are straight from the camera, all the rest have had very basic touch-ups through my Samsung Galaxy S7 standard editing features.





A weekend away from work and life’s stressors was just what I needed; the weather was perfect, and the photogenic surroundings made for effortlessly stunning pictures.
Thank you Olympus, for making me fall in love with photography all over again!

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