6 weeks done and dusted already! Time flies when you’re having 4 weekly funerals for your fat. 24 HIIT sessions done, 24 more to go.

When I first started this plan, I didn’t think I needed to lose weight (if you disagree then please keep opinions to yourself). I was, for the first time, quite comfortable with how I looked and confident in how I felt. I didn’t feel the need to go on an overly strict diet and weigh myself every single morning waiting for the numbers on the scale to drop. Instead, I was eating a healthy and balanced diet, and I was exercising frequently without over doing it. I did, however, feel like I needed a new challenge, to test myself and see what else my body could be capable of doing. While I never thought my gym routines were ever dull or boring, I did feel like I could do with an injection of something new. 6 weeks into the Results with Lucy HIIT Harder plan and I am thoroughly impressed with the workouts and the results I’m seeing. I have a general overall increase in my fitness and stamina, both of which were noticeably apparent after completing my first sub-30minute 6km run *does happy dance*

I am currently 2 weeks behind where I should be on this plan as a treadmill “incident” during my second week, while I was training 3 work colleagues, had me out for a few days with whiplash and a lot of bruises.
(Please try to keep laughter to a minimum during this distressing time, thank you)
I am absolutely fine now though, thanks for asking, and restarted the whole plan from week 1 day 1 to ensure I could give a solid 12 week review.

In terms of general feelings of energy levels, it remains hard for me to comment on as I have been extremely busy with work. I have been traveling a lot around the country, often doing daily round trips to Oxford or Surrey, with a lot of early starts and late finishes, so to say I am not feeling super-duper fresh and full of energy recently is in no way a reflection of the exercises and recipes of this plan. I’m hoping I’ll be able to comment on this with a bit more validity in my final 12 week review.

First impressions: The Workout Videos


– Credit where credit is due, these workouts are not easy, by any sense of the word; even the warm ups and cool downs put your body through its paces
– Having completed the 6 pack abs workout plan a couple of years back, it’s nice to see some familiar faces (yes Liam, I’m talking about you)
– The format of workout videos are good, they last around 40-50 minutes and they’re easy to follow as well as motivational
– Even as someone that has been doing this fitness ‘stuff’ for quite a few years, there are some exercises that I’ve not seen or done before which is something I am impressed with
– I use my phone to watch the videos on and the website is easy to navigate, but I do find it frustrating that you have to log in every day and that it doesn’t remember who you are and keep you logged in (I know it only adds an extra 30 seconds, first world problems over here)
– The videos can be a little cringe worthy as there is no music and the silences are at times slightly awkward, but once you get past that and you’re dripping in sweat, it doesn’t bother you so much

First impressions: The Food Plan

I’ve always found it hard to stick to meal plans provided by workout guides. They either provide long and hard-to-follow recipes, or include things like
‘Tuesday Lunch: one carrot stick and a ryvita biscuit’
Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I’m sure you get the point I’m making. While I understand its all about calorie control, I always feel like I need a substantial lunch to prevent me from snacking and to also keep up my energy for my workouts. I have been doing just that, and I am still seeing great results. Don’t be scared to fuel your body properly, guys! (refresh your memory of my ‘everything in moderation’ post here)
The recipes provided in this plan are simple yet nutritious, all made up of meat, fish and lots of fresh vegetables; while a daily menu is provided, you can also search all recipes to find an alternative should you wish to do so.


The Next 6 Weeks:

I am actually looking forward to the exercises that will be coming up over the next 6 weeks; they aren’t getting any easier and I’m enjoying pushing my body. I am still trying to fit in a run as well as a weights session every week, on top of the 4 workout days with the plan. So far, I’ve managed to do at least one of the additional workouts. However, there have been weeks where I’ve just about managed to get in the 4 RWL workouts. With that in mind, I haven’t missed any of the RWL workouts and there is nothing wrong with just doing the 4 daily workouts, that is more than enough in itself.
The food plan is good and easy to follow – luckily for my bank balance (not so much for this review) we have a caterer at work that provides healthy and freshly prepared meals daily for us, free of charge. While I am all for giving an honest review of this workout plan, I am not about to spend an extra £20+ a week on lunch products if I can have lunch for free. Lunch can be any of the following: a chicken salad, chickpea and spinach soup, grilled fish and vegetables, salmon and pasta salad.


While it is too early to provide you with mind blowing comparison pictures, I have started to see some changes in my body which are being highlighted in the looseness of my clothes, predominantly the waistband of my jeans. My work trousers are also fitting a little looser and I am feeling better in myself.

As most of the workouts are using body weight only, I feel as though I am not building muscle but only losing fat which is why I am trying to get in a good weights session once a week as I do want to increase my strength as well as my stamina. I think this lack of adding weights to exercises is something the workout plan is missing.

There are a few things I am making mental notes of as comparisons to other workout guides/plans that I have done, and will discuss them in my final review should I still see them as an issue. Until then, I am still focusing on eating well and getting in all 4 of the RWL workouts as well as the additional 2 (a run and weights session) where possible. The last couple of weeks I have been eating out a lot, which, as a foodie, is something that I will always enjoy and never completely cut out of my life. If that means me not losing that extra 3% of body fat then so be it. I think I’ll stick with JLaw on this one:


The second half of the HIIT harder programme, I’m coming for ya! See you guys on the other side…

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