AUGUST?! I’m sure it was only February like yesterday? We’ll be celebrating Christamas (my birthday and Christmas) in a little over 4 months, and yet I’m still thinking I ought to plan my summer holiday.

We redecorated our house around 6 months ago and I have finally added the final touch to my bedroom (better late than never, ay?!). I said ‘I have’ because I literally have; I put up a shelf in my room – it’s straight and fully functional! I have had things sitting on it for at least 48 hours and it still hasn’t fallen off the wall – GO ME. My room has been repainted for the first time in way too many years and it was so nice to add the accessories I wanted. Everything that was once chrome has been spray-painted copper, and all new purchases are, you guessed it, copper. It says something about your age when you start researching interior designing on Pintrest and looking around the homeware departments in shops.

This week I also entered my first 10km after successfully completing an 8.5km run with ease (she says, 2 days after and still hobbling around due to leg pain, but lets all move past that, shall we?). I don’t usually do longer distances of running, sticking to sprints whenever I use the treadmill in the gym and long walks when I’m outdoors. Saying that, every now and then I get a really big urge to go for a run and when I do I tend to just run and run. On Monday I did just that. I had a really busy and stressful day (the definition of Monday’s, I suppose) and really just fancied a run. So I put my headphones on and played the most fitness-ey music on Spotify full blast. Off I went, with a route in my head that I knew was around 5km, but as I was heading back I noticed I wasn’t tired and my muscles weren’t sore. I added on an extra 3.5km and even topped it off with a sprint to finish. I enjoyed it more than I anticipated and it definitely sorted out my day – mainly as I was too tired to care anymore, but a win’s a win in my eyes!

In fitness news: followers of my instagram, and readers of my blog, will know I have been working through Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide for over a year now (check out my 12 week BBG review), and while I’m not necessarily following it strictly, I am using a lot of the exercises on a daily basis and incorporating them into my fitness regimes.

But, as with anything that you’ve been doing for 18 months, it can become a little monotonous, so I decided to embark upon a new challenge. People all around the country would have heard of TOWIE-turned-fitness-icon Lucy “insane abs” Mecklenburgh. She has been releasing fitness and healthy eating guides for years now and I have decided to put one of those guides to the test. I’ve opted for the newly released HIIT Harder workout plan *gulp*. It is a 12 week plan filled with advanced HIIT sessions and full body workouts. It also includes a daily meal plan and nutrition guide for the duration of the 3 month plan.

Hiit Harderpng

I’ve been following Lucy (@lucymeck1), Cecilia (@resultswithcecilia) and the Results With Lucy (@resultswithlucy) social media pages since they first started out and have tried one of the RWL guides before, but admittedly didn’t stick to the healthy eating part as much as I could (should) have done. The guide itself was easy to follow and enjoyable though, so I figured I’d give it another go now that I have a much better relationship with food, a fitness social media account to hold myself responsible for, as well as readers of a blog that are expecting good results. I won’t let you down, guys!

Stay tuned for a mid-guide update as well an overall review once I’m finished. I do enjoy a new challenge, in any aspect of life, so this will be another exciting part of my continuing fitness journey. I’ll also be posting updates on my instagram (@xtakcfitness) if you want to come and follow me on there too. Watch this space!

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