“Who are you and what have you done with Fitness Digestive?!”

Welcome, everybody, to my new and improved blog; I have decided to give it a complete overhaul & I really hope you like it! Over the last 8 months or so, the things I have found myself blogging about have become a bit more specific. Naturally, I am blogging much more about fitness and lifestyle, and hardly touching on the baking aspect that I once did so often. Simply put, I don’t have the time to bake experimentally anymore, and when I do bake, it’s usually something small & quick that I am familiar with and wouldn’t blog about.

So let me introduce you to Squats and Sunsets. The title encompasses my two loves in life, neither of which will be a surprise to any friends of Fitness Digestive and myself. On here you can continue to find blog posts about my ongoing fitness journey, tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as holiday / hotel reviews and general life updates.

I’m planning to start posting smaller (this may be tricky as I am known to ramble) and more frequently (I promise I will try really hard) so if there’s anything you’d like to see in particular, let me know! Otherwise I’ll just keep babbling on in the hope that some people enjoy to read what I have to say.

Feel free to come over and join me on Instagram (@xtakcfitness / @xtakaizerchief) & Twitter (@xtakaizerchief) the links to both are on the bottom of the home page.
See you all again very soon!