Fitness blogs are still taking a back seat at the moment – another set back for me has meant some more time off the gym just as I was getting back into the routine I have longed for since I got back from holiday. I keep getting the desire to rustle up some new bakes, but I’m struggling to find the time and the energy to actually do it – what has happened to me?!
I cant complain too much as instead of focusing on fitness and baking, I’ve been spending my time with friends and family, creating memories and getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year –
only 46 days until Christmas!

Halloween was amazing this year – the evening that is. I did the 7am airport run as my mum and her partner were off the Egypt. Having set up at the decorations and laid out the food and alcohol for the evening’s antics, I popped into town with my best friends to pick up some new specs & grab a few last minute bits for the party. As I was driving to my friends house someone pulled out of a side road and crashed into the side of my car. My mum always told me that if I have a car crash to always take pictures and never take responsibility; advice that I had to use for the first time without her even in the country. I was to later find out that I got really bad whiplash and my back injury that had just sorted itself out had been aggravated. Forget the car, my first thought was how long I would be out of the gym for!

Getting drunk with my nearest and dearest was definitely a good way to get over the accident – being dressed as a Minion was also a big help! I have never been a fan of Halloween, simply because I’ve never made the effort to do anything about it, but at the age of 23, I think I’m finally a convert!

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I worked from home for 4 days while I rested my neck and back, drowsy from a concoction of painkillers. Naturally, I found a series to watch on Netflix and binged on it. The first was Narcos – a 10 part biopic series about Pablo Escobar; I was not disappointed! It was hands down one of the best series’ I’ve ever watched and would recommend it to anyone that’s even remotely interested in the drug cartel or the uncomprehendable history of Columbia. I can’t wait for series 2! On Saturday I started watching Orange is the New Black – 2 years late, I know – but it’s so bloody good! 7 back-to-back episodes later and I’ve nailed the art of true Netflix binging.

Firework night was spent at Alexandra Palace. I love a good firework display and this year myself and 2 of my best friends bought 3 of the 50,000 tickets sold for the 25 minute display that they put on. I’ve always wanted to go but never manage to organise it until the tickets sell out. They had a fairground area, a huge bonfire and A LOT of food stalls. It was absolutely packed and the atmosphere was great! Luckily it wasn’t too cold so we got a place on the hill and awaited the display.


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Fitness wise I’m hoping to get back into the gym within the next 3 weeks but I’ve got to play it safe and not risk damaging my neck or back further. I joined a new gym last week but in the 2 months since being out I’ve put on some weight; I haven’t weighed myself so I’m not exactly sure but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is how I feel in myself & my confidence has taken a battering. I’ve no doubt that as soon as I’m back to exercising I will lose most of it, but until then I’m focusing on my diet as much as I can. With my birthday and Christmas coming up I can’t afford to have my body resemble that of a pregnant hippo!

Now for another busy week at work and awaiting the safe arrival of my parentals from Sharm el Sheikh.
Happy Monday, all! Have yourselves a good week šŸ™‚