Aaaaaand breathe… An end to another really busy week. The past few weeks have been a complete rollercoaster and I’m quite enjoying the ride. I’ve been catching up with a lot of old, and new, friends and it’s been lovely to be kept busy. The only downfall of course is being a little more tired than usual & trying to fit in my usual routine around it all – first world problems and all that. I can’t complain really, but I do miss baking and blogging!

This weeks adventure was a spontaneous trip to the Castle Climbing Centre on Thursday. Indoor rock climbing, random I know, but it was so much fun! Feeling slightly out of place when we entered as we were surrounded by perfectly groomed topless men and women with ridiculously toned arms and sculptured six packs, we blagged our way on to the main climbing walls. Without knowing much about the rope techniques, we mainly copied what other people were doing.
*Health and safety klaxon*
Heights always freak me out a little so it took me a couple of climbs to get the hang of it – pun not intended. After a while I was happily climbing the slightly harder walls which had overhangs, and then abseiling back down with ease. GO ME! It was a definite upper body workout but still quite a lot of fun. I don’t think I’d rush back in a hurry, but it was enjoyable and something I’ve always wanted to try out. Give it a go, it’s more fun than a gym session!

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Friday night I went to my best friends for a BBQ. It had been raining and foggy all day, but that never stops a Cypriot. Despite the rain it was humid and warm, so with a ‘summer’ umbrella sheltering the rain, the men took care of the meat outside as the women stayed inside to drink and chat – who said stereotypes were dead?

This weekend I did something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a few years now – I got a tattoo! My brother got a sleeve done and was so happy with his that he wouldn’t let me go anywhere else. So on Saturday morning, we went down to Lal Hardy’s studio, New Wave Tattoos, in Muswell Hill for their walk-in session. Whenever I had told someone where on my body I was getting it done they always said something along the lines of “oh my god, you’re brave!” or “that’s going to hurt SO much” or “be sure to take pictures of you screaming”. We had to wait a few hours as they worked on a first-come-first-serve basis and there was two people in front of me. Running on a sugar rush, and filled with the confidence of knowing I was about to cry, I got into the chair and Sharn, the very friendly tattoo artist, began to ink me up.


The pain was actually bearable – it was far from pleasant but by no means as bad as others made it out to be. Without a spec of blood to be seen, around 30 minutes later and it was all done. I think it’s perfect! For those that haven’t heard this piece of music, it’s a classical piece by Korean composer & pianist Yurima. It’s simply stunning and shows that emotions and feelings can be evoked without words.


When a piece of music says more than any song can, because you can have all the words in the world and yet sometimes, so much can be said without using a single one.

Saturday night I had to do a late night airport run, but beforehand my brother and I watched the film Focus. Staring Will Smith and Margot Robbie (all hail the amazing beauty that is Margot Robbie) the film is full of twists and constant surprises. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner, but I’d happily watch it again tonight! If you want something to fill your now cooler summer evenings then this is a must-see!

I haven’t blogged in a while about what I’m up to simply for being too busy to sit down and write about it. My usual routine hasn’t changed much – fitness & diet wise everything is the same. I’m starting week 6 of BBG for the second time tomorrow and I’m loving it just as much as I did the first time. My personal training sessions are still going strong; I’m really happy with how much I’ve improved at boxing, both the speed and strength aspects, and the strength in my legs is constantly improving. The last month I’ve really noticed changes in my body too which is keeping me so motivated, the fact that I have to be in a bikini in 3 weeks is motivation enough as it is! This is my latest transformation picture and is around 11 weeks difference.


Recently whenever I go to the gym I’ve been able to completely shut off from everything and get fully absorbed in my workout. It’s an incredible feeling which I hope stays with me for a while. These are the easiest sessions though; it’s the sessions where you don’t want to lift a pound that requires determination and motivation.

  I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend – Monday tomorrow *sigh*


KC. x