Last weekend I went to a friends for Sunday dinner; knowing I’m a fitness freak he decided to make me a healthy cheesecake. It was made with raw vegan ingredients and tasted so different to anything I’ve eaten before. It’s safe to say it was an aquired taste, but I finished it feeling satisfied I’d had dessert and happy I hadn’t consumed my weight in apple pie and custard.

Convinced I could use the recipe for something else, I asked for the ingredients that made the base of the cheesecake. With these I rustled up some little protein balls. I have been seeing these things on practically every health and clean eating instagram and blog going. They’re a way of getting your sweet-tooth fix while eating nothing but good foods.

With all of this in mind I made some delicious nut and date protein balls, which are completely vegan friendly! So here’s all the ingredients you’ll need:

100g Almonds, 100g Walnuts, 100g Peacan, 10-12 Dates

 wpid-wp-1432390041193.jpeg    wpid-wp-1432390033582.jpeg

Simply chuck everything into a food processor and blitz for around 20. Add 2-3 spoons of protein power and whiz again for 10 seconds. I used a vanilla flavoured protein powder, but other flavours such as chocolate and strawberry could work just as well.


Then just roll into balls – not too big obviously as they are meant to be bite-size. NOTE: if the mixture gets overblitzed then the oils from the nuts can become more apparent; if, when you roll them you find they’re too oily, then simply rub between some kitchen tissue to get rid of the excess oil. Put them into the fridge for a couple of hours to harden and cool and then enjoy! Just remember to eat them in moderation; just because they’re not packed with sugar and processed crap doesn’t mean you can eat 12. They’re packed with healthy fats from the nuts – but fats are still fats – so try and limit it to one or two.


If you fancy something a bit sweeter, then add some honey to the ingredients before you mix them. Alternatively, lightly cover in desiccated coconut.

Enjoy your bank-holiday weekends whatever you’re up to! 🙂