This weekend I completed my first 5km. Okay, it wasn’t a timed race – far from it in fact – but it was everything I could have wanted from my first 5km. The route was in Trent Park and mostly inside the forest which made for hilly and uneven terrain, much different from the flat grounds and level roads I’m used to running. Bad training on my part. Whoops.


I signed up with 8 friends and we got to the park to check in around 9.30; once we’d numbered up and taken some snaps, we headed to the ‘warm up’ (it was so cold and windy that we didn’t actually feel warm once) and the dye started flowing. Everyone got a packet of dye with their number and most used them straight away to get the party started.

      wpid-wp-1431199445904.jpeg       wpid-wp-1431200050652.jpeg

Waves of people were started every 5 minutes to prevent traffic. Just before we started, a guy was throwing out free merchandise and I managed to catch a pair of sunglasses – these came in very handy later on when dye was getting thrown in our faces! HASHTAG winning.


With every KM there were markers with volunteers throwing different coloured paint. The first was green, and it really spurs everyone on! The second was pink and purple; I got far too excited realising there was an unmanned box of paint! Moving on we were now in the forest park of the route and attempted to avoid puddles of mud for the next 2 km. Blue and orange paint added to our rainbow faces, we approached the finish line and it was really nice to see so many people cheering everyone on for the last stretch!

wpid-wp-1431199484177.jpeg       wpid-wp-1431199466035.jpeg

We were given free bottles of Zeo – a natural low-sugar fizzy drink which was delish – and cooled down by the DJ stage. Once most people had finished, the ‘after party’ started and more packets of dye were thrown out. Two leaf blowers were casually pulled out of nowhere to blow out powdered paint to the awaiting crowd. So much paint. SO MUCH FUN.



For the grande finale we had a countdown for everyone to throw their dye. Caught on camera, this was an explosion of colour and summed up everything that day was about. Fun, energy and colour. 

wpid-wp-1431199694650.jpeg        wpid-wp-1431199660000.jpeg

I’m so happy this was my first 5km run and I can’t wait for the next one. I think I’m hooked! My friends and I have already got our eyes on the obstacle colour rush event in June.

The rest of my weekend will be spent with friends, family and my personal trainer. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 🙂