I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but after a lengthy post on instagram – I thought I ought to. Sunday mornings are now met with a mixture of excitement and dread, as it marks the time of the week that I pay someone to put me through an hour of pain. Today was no different, and as I made my way to the gym knowing what was to come, I felt dubious. Nonetheless, I jumped straight into it head first and done a 15 minute run. This was quickly regretted as I was about to find out we were doing a whole session on legs. DREAD.

Following that warm-up that made my legs feel like jelly, we went over to the weights and started with some squats. I upped my weight from last week (yippeee) but not too much as a lower back injury prevents me from lifting heavy. [Lower weights and more reps is still just as good!] These were a superset with 15 reps of dumbbell shoulder presses, again upping my weight from last week. Next was weighted step ups with reverse lunges, followed by another superset of jump lunges and squats, smith machine pull ups and a 20 second plank.This circuit absolutely killed me; I noticed during that set my heart rate reached 171 bpm! But there was one more to come. Walking lunges teamed up with lateral dumbbell raises was to finish and it quite literally finished me. The lunges were fine, but when I came to do the side raises I came over really faint. I’d realised at this point I’d pushed myself to my limit. With a couple more sets of walking lunges we tried again with the side raises, but my body wasn’t having any of it. We called it quits and done a well-earned stretch out.

Considering I was working my legs, I couldn’t quite believe how much I was struggling for breath. After committing grievous bodily harm to my legs, my personal trainer explained that working legs is as much strength as it is cardio which is why it’s so efficient at burning fat. Thankful it wasn’t just my stamina letting me down, it does explain why I felt so dizzy towards the end of what was a very grueling and intense non-stop hour leg session!7

It’s important to note that while pushing yourself is encouraged with every workout, pushing yourself to it’s limits isn’t. You shouldn’t walk away from every workout feeling faint, dizzy or sick, but it is good to see what your body is capable of doing every now and again; which is more than you give it credit for!

What, when and how much you eat will also play a factor in how you feel during a workout, while water intake and sleep will play as much as a part before, during and after. Feeling dizzy is common if you haven’t eaten, or eaten the wrong thing before a workout, and is also a well known side-affect of not consuming enough H20. This will limit your potential during a workout so remember to eat and drink right in order to get the most from your body during any workout, be it lifting weights or cardio.

With leg ache setting in quick and fast, I spent the rest of today relaxing with my brother and boyfriend enjoying Greek Easter. Even though my mum and her partner are celebrating Greek Easter over in Cyprus, we decided to keep to tradition and make a huge roast. On two days of the year we have roast lamb and it’s always Christmas and Greek Easter. Complete with all the trimmings, I’d say we did a great job!

DSC_0713          DSC_0712


Happy Easter to all of those celebrating Easter today; I hope it has been spent eating, laughing and filled with love!

Cheestro Anesti!