They say no good deed is selfless, and giving presents is no exception. That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you make someone smile because you’ve put thought and effort into a present is second to none and I absolutely LOVE it!

Presents don’t always have to be a big gesture – 9 times out of 10 it’s the little things that mean the most, making lasting memories don’t always have to cost a fortune! That’s why I love baking cakes for those nearest & dearest; something personalised to put a smile on their face… and perhaps a pound on their hips!

The month of March is always a busy month for me; with the run up to Easter (both Greek and English) and two of my closest friends’ birthdays, I always find it passes so quickly! For both birthday occasions, a dinner out at a very nice restaurant was planned and so I decided to treat them both to a surprise cake.

The first cake was made for Charlie & a night out with her girlfriends. We went to The Drift Bar in the Heron Tower by Liverpool Street Station. I’d recommend it to anyone! The food was incredible, the atmosphere was fantastic and the staff, and venue itself, were faultless. Back to the cake in question…


I decided to make her a rainbow cake – the first time using Wilton food colouring gels. They’re SO easy to use; just use a toothpick to add drops to the sponge mixture until you’re happy with the colour. No drips of colouring everywhere, walking around with multicoloured fingers for the rest of the day. Just simples. Once baked and layered together with buttercream icing and strawberry jam, I decorated the outside with chocolate fingers and buttercream piping. Topped it off with icing lettering and VIOLA!


It’s safe to say there was great anticipation as Charlie cut into the cake to reveal the striking colours.


The second was my first time making this sort of cake. I must admit, I got far too much enjoyment out of placing the chocolate perfectly into the segments #OCD. It was taken to Nissi, a beautiful Greek restaurant in North London which left me with a HUGE food coma after eating meze food for two hours. I’m getting sidetracked at the thought of food again.

Right, the cake, this was the result…


Inside was a basic vanilla sponge, with buttercream and jam, dirty iced and then decorated with various chocolate treats, including M&M’s and magic stars, which went down superbly with the guests and restaurant staff. What a showstopper!

 You can find creative inspiration to get your experimental juices flowing in most places. I personally find mine stalking pages on Instagram. Happy baking!