Monday marks leg day & this week I had the pleasure of being reunited with my workout buddy, my boyfriend Joe. I am currently on week 10 of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide so after sweating and whimpering my way through 30 mins of enjoyable hell, I joined Joe in the latter stages of his leg workout.After doing a few sets of calf raises on the Smith machine, this is what he had me doing…image This is an alternative way to target mainly your quads, but also your glutes, hamstrings and calves. Compared to the standard leg press machine, I found it alot more effective. A great way to finish a leg session! [make your last set a drop set to really kill your legs!] image This solid two hour gym session also included a 20 minute HIIT session and a quick – yet very effective – ab workout. Personally, I prefer doing weights with someone else. When it comes to cardio & the BBG circuits I’m quite happy going at it alone as I can go into my own little world & focus. But weight training requires a lot more motivation to get you through, especially those last two reps & someone shouting at you is definitely helpful! New ideas on workouts to change things up is always nice too.

The weights section in a gym can be quite an intimidating place for a woman due to the overzealous testosterone fuelled men, but being with someone can definitely make it better. So if you can, grab a buddy & hit the weights section!