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The Buda-Best Way to Spend Time in Hungary

An hour-by-hour itinerary, meticulously planned outfits and matching pyjamas could only mean one thing: a 5 day city break with my best friend.

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When did ‘being healthy’ stop ‘being enough’?

I am a fit and healthy 25 year old woman. Standing at 5 foot 3 inches tall, I wear a size 10 (sometimes an 8) and exercise regularly. I eat an extremely balanced diet, never depriving my body of nutrients while having treats in moderation. I have a good social life, enjoy meals out with fiends and boyfriend with the occasional takeaway with my family. I can out-sprint male colleagues on the rowing machine, am lifting heavier weights than I have ever managed before, completing crazy fitness challenges and have overcome my 3pm slumps at work. I am living a healthy and happy life.
So why isn’t this enough?

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False Advertising; Fun Mudder 2017

I spent 6 months anticipating an 11 mile run broken up with 24 obstacles with nerves and anxiety, but as the day drew closer I felt an overwhelming feeling of excitement. I had spent months preparing for an event that previous Mudders have described as ‘painful yet enjoyable’ and I couldn’t wait to witness the world famous obstacles.

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Weighting around for bed time: How exercise affects sleep

As a 25 year old, self-confessed lover – nay, admirer – of sleep, I’ve never really had any major problems with paying the land of nod a visit, be it at 3 in the morning, or briefly at 4 in the afternoon.

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Fitness Fails, Cooking Cookies & Life Lessons

I’m becoming quite notorious for being ill and getting admitted to hospitals. Not something I’m particularly proud of, I must say, but an achievement nonetheless.

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NY4NY: New Years Eve in The Big Apple

 They always say how you spend the first hours of a new year is a good indicator of the year to come. So what better way to ring in 2017 than standing in one of the greatest cities in the world surrounded by people laughing and singing?

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Jumping for (Birthday) Joy: My First Indoor Trampolining Experience

They’re springing up all over the place; indoor trampoline parks are all the rage amongst children and fitness fanatics alike. As an early birthday activity, I was taken to Gravity Force Trampoline Park and it was flipping amazing!

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Santa Klaus is Coming to Town

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RWL HIIT Harder – A Full & Honest Review

To say this journey hasn’t come with its fair share of highs and lows would be a lie, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and for that I am happy for the  last 3 months. It’s taken me slightly longer than the allotted 12 weeks due to travelling a lot with work, holidays, and gym equipment ‘incidences’ that we all agreed never to speak of again, didn’t we? Yes. Excellent. Moving on…
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